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I’m Latika.  I’ve lived in Orinda for eighteen years, have guided three kids from Del Rey through Miramonte, and have both pride and gratitude for all that we enjoy in this incredible slice of the world that we call home.

Like many of you, I have spent countless hours volunteering and leading many Orinda community events—supporting the schools, swim teams, local baseball, scouting, local dance and arts, high school debate, and youth leadership and charitable organizations.  Most recently, I serve Orinda as a Commissioner and Vice-Chair of the City's SSTOC, overseeing the expenditure of Measure R sales tax funds.  As a Commissioner, I have worked hard in collaboration with other City leaders to develop and implement a wildfire resilience and preparedness plan to keep Orinda safe.  I also presently serve as Vice-Chair of The Orinda Association, and have enjoyed supporting OA's efforts to do good and build spirit within Orinda--whether through pandemic projects to support our local restaurants and healthcare workers, or through coordinating volunteers for our traditional July 4th Parade, or through soliciting donations to fund the services provided by OA's incredible Seniors Around Town program.


In my professional life, I have served on boards of several nonprofit organizations, including six years serving on the Board of a large nonprofit health care organization with an annual budget several times that of our City.  Practicing law for over twenty years has taught me that to be productive, one must engage all stakeholders in transparent solutions. As a business owner, I understand the need to budget and plan, taking action that is forward thinking and sustainable. 


I’m running for Orinda City Council because I believe Orinda wants accountability, preparedness, and community, and I am the candidate who authentically offers a platform based on those values.  Orinda may be a “small” city, but with creativity and will, we can thoughtfully expand our resources, our budget, our services, and our quality of life experience.  


I favor smart, sustainable growth: creating a vibrant downtown that helps existing small businesses thrive, while cultivating attractive new businesses and community spaces that excites our residents to shop local and mingle downtown.  I will prioritize wildfire mitigation and increased collaboration between the City and our local fire district, working together on a well-communicated plan to keep us safe.  I will continue to build infrastructure, including fixing all our roads and drains, but with greater coordination between agencies so that residents are less inconvenienced.  I support City Council accountability and transparency, with more town halls and other efforts to increase and welcome community engagement.  Finally, but importantly, I believe that there is value to equity and justice, and I support the City introducing meaningful, innovative measures to build an inclusive, happier community.


I would be honored to represent you.


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